Agape House Food Pantry

Food from the Food Pantry is available free of charge to anyone who needs assistance with groceries.  The Food Pantry at the Agape House is available to anyone who lives in the Meramec Valley R3 school district or Franklin County. Financial qualification is not required to be a Food Pantry client.

Using the Food Pantry

No appointment is necessary or food assistance.  Just bring the required identification to the pantry check in window during normal pantry hours.

Those using the food pantry may do so every two weeks. 


  • Applicants must live in the Meramec Valley R3 school district or Franklin County  MO.
  • On the initial visit, applicants must show Missouri Driver's license or valid Missouri ID for all Adults who are 18 and older and live in the household.
  • On the initial visit, names and birth dates for all children under 18 who are living in the household must be provided.
  • On subsequent visits, the primary client in the household must be present to show ID.
  • If the primary client is not present on a subsequent visit we will call the primary client prior to any food being distributed.  The primary client may also predesignate someone to pick up food for them at the Pantry check in window.  The designee will be required to show ID before picking up food for the primary client.

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Additional Information on the Pantry

Our food pantry is treated as a grocery store environment where you pick your own items. We provide a wide assortment of products, including:

  • meats
  • dairy products
  • produce
  • baby food
  • canned goods, cereal, pasta, bread, and more 
  • personal care products
  • laundry soap
  • feminine hygiene products

Choices will vary from one shopping trip to another depending on which items have been provided through regional food banks and local donations.

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