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Agape means
unconditional love

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who we are

The Pacific Missouri Agape House is a compassionate community hub dedicated to supporting individuals and families in need. Our mission is to offer a safe and welcoming environment for those facing homelessness, domestic violence, or other crises, providing the help they need to rebuild their lives.

At the Pacific Missouri Agape House, we believe in the power of community and the importance of offering a hand up to those in distress. Our modern facilities are designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients, ensuring dignity, respect, and a pathway to independence. We work closely with local organizations, volunteers, and donors to create a network of support that empowers individuals to overcome adversity and achieve lasting stability.

Our services are centered around three main areas. First, our food pantry provides groceries to anyone in the MVR3 school district, ensuring that local families have access to nutritious food. Second, our boutique is a resale store supplied by community donations, offering carefully selected quality items including clothing, toys, furniture, housewares, jewelry, books, shoes, purses, and baby supplies. This boutique not only provides affordable goods but also supports our mission financially. Lastly, we offer assistance with utility bills, rent, and unexpected emergencies to qualifying applicants, helping to prevent homelessness and financial crises.

Whether you are in need of assistance, looking to volunteer, or interested in supporting our mission, the Pacific Missouri Agape House is here for you. Join us in making a difference in our community and helping those in need find stability and hope for the future.

United Way Missouri logo
United Way Missouri logo


At Agape Help House, we are deeply grateful for the ongoing support from United Way. Their generous annual grants have been instrumental in helping us provide essential services to individuals and families in need. Thanks to United Way's contribution, we can continue to offer a community-funded boutique, a food pantry for the MVR3 district, and financial assistance for utility bills, rent, and emergencies.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to United Way for their unwavering commitment to our mission and their partnership in fostering stability and hope in our community.

1-800-4274626 OR 211HELPS.ORG

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